Today I thought, instead of advertising for whatever brand made my purse, I’d have a little #crochet fun! Officially out as a nerd (:

Still selling a bunch of these mini heart-adorned octopus amigurumi after Valentine’s Day - guess people still love each other in March! ;D I have to admit that I had so much fun trying a couple new yarns to have more of a traditional pink/red/white selection. And of course there is baby blue for the boys! 
I found some really cute heart-themed mini takeout-style boxes at JoAnn’s so I gave a few of these to my friends and they all loved how each was personalized with what I knew were their favorite colors! Watching people see my little critters for the first time, especially when they are gifts, is absolutely the best part! It is a shame that I hardly get to see that since I sell exclusively online - Maybe one day I will live in a place where I can have a stall at a local market! That would be lovely (:

Reblogging here for you lovely people to see. I really thought I would get sick of these, but I haven’t… not at all! :D
Happy Love Day! (I’m on retail schedule, can you tell?) I can still think of a few people who deserve a crocheted Valentine and aren’t sick of my amigurumi yet!! ;D Had fun making a bunch of these with different color combos! 
Hoping to get these new members of my #amigurumi army listed soon! #crochet #octopus (at Jellyfish HQ)
This is officially the biggest #amigurumi I have ever made! :D (Taken with Instagram)
Critters being prepared to make their way out in the world (: #alyssacritters #amigurumi #crochet (Taken with Instagram at http://alyssacritters.etsy.com)
I love getting custom orders for matching gifts for a couple! ^.^ #crochet #jellyfish #amigurumi (Taken with Instagram)
Yay! Finished this awesome crocheted bag, free pattern at micahmakes.com (: #crochet #craft #bag #handmade  (Taken with Instagram)
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Assembling an #amigurumi army! All in a day’s work (: As always, you can find ‘em at http://alyssacritters.etsy.com <3 (Taken with instagram)