Happy Love Day! (I’m on retail schedule, can you tell?) I can still think of a few people who deserve a crocheted Valentine and aren’t sick of my amigurumi yet!! ;D Had fun making a bunch of these with different color combos! 
I love getting custom orders for matching gifts for a couple! ^.^ #crochet #jellyfish #amigurumi (Taken with Instagram)
Check out these new MORE CUDDLY octopus amigurumi I created! :D 

I am sooo happy about these jumbo octopus amigurumi plushes that I made, they are amazingly cuddly! (:
OMG my Moo cards (@moo @overheardatmoo) came in this week and they are SO BEAUTIFUL! You know, and more dear to me than others’ Moo cards I’ve received because they have my pictures on them! :D This run of 50 cards was a promotional deal from Moo & Etsy so I only paid for the shipping but I will definitely be buying lots more soon! (Taken with instagram)
Win an ENTIRE Etsy treasury featuring one of my adorable octopus plushes by commenting and adding to your favorites! Don’t forget to check out all the awesome Florida sellers featured in this treasury!

Click through on the photo or go here:
Assembling an #amigurumi army! All in a day’s work (: As always, you can find ‘em at http://alyssacritters.etsy.com <3 (Taken with instagram)
Working on some freebies for my Etsy shop customers! :D (Thank you note and coupon code included)
Still in love with Martha Stewart punch-around-the-page obviously. Although the awkward 3.25 inch dimension requirement for this one is kind of a pain, it’s totally worth it!
(Taken with instagram)

I redesigned this little guy in new, brighter colors!
Visit him here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/51501501/rainbow-octopus-amigurumi-crocheted
Because he is so popular, I’m working on… a JELLYFISH! :D
I created this rainbow jellyfish as a companion to my popular rainbow octopus!
He is the perfect size to carry around in a purse, hang from a rear-view mirror, dangle in front of a kitten… the possibilities are endless!
(I’ve got one as a fan pull right now!)